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LDPE Regrind
"We don't bother weighing the
Engineering Grade regrind anymore.
KJ's weights can be trusted."
- Northeast Injection Molder

Are you looking for an alternative to prime resin? We sell quality thermoplastic materials. Whether you need resin, off-spec, reprocessed pellet, regrind, or baled film, we would like to hear from you.

We ship material that has been quality checked from our various locations throughout the United States.

Our aim is to represent material accurately and honestly. Please check the Materials For Sale below. This list is updated weekly. If you do not see the material you need, please complete the contact us form.

June 15, 2021
Material Grade Color Form Weight
MDPE film Printed Bales 40,000
P/P .6 Homo Nat. Regrind 15,000
HDPE Ext. .3 melt Natural Repro 40,000
PP 20% GF Black Regrind 40,000
PVC/Acrylic Kydex Light MC regrind 200,000
Polypropylene 6 melt, 30%GF Black Repro 15,000
PET-G sheet blue tint regrind 40,000
PP 30%TF Hostacom 68F-4 Black virgin 16,000
Acry/PVC Kydex 100 Black regrind 40,000
LDPE/Nylon Film grade Natural Repro TL/ week
Zylar experimental clear wide-spec TL's
LLDPE/Nylon 70:30 Natural Repro 40,000
P/P 30 Melt Black Repro 40,000
PBT Valox 420 Black Repro 40,000
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